X-ray System

DXA Bone Densitometer DXA-1000A
DXA Bone Densitometer DXA-1000A
X-ray beam Pulse double energy X-ray with high energy ~ 85kV and low energy 55kV
X-ray detector Imported high sensitivity digital camera
X-ray source Stationary anode X-ray tube(with high frequency and small focus)
Scan sites Forearm
Imaging way Fan beam type,surface imaging technology
Imaging time =5 seconds
Accuracy =1%
Reproducibility =1%
Measuring parameter Bone Density score
Calculate parameter T- Score, Z-Score
Operation CPU=3.2 GB, Memory=4GB, HD=500GB
Communication port Color inkjet printer port
Environmental conditions Working voltage: 220 V ± 10% V, 50Hz Operating temp. : 15°C - 40°C Relative humidity : 20 % ~ 80 %
Dimensions 590 × 430 × 390 mm
Weight 11 kgs
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DXA Bone Densitometer DXA-1000B
DXA Bone Densitometer DXA-1000B
X-ray detector Dual-energy X-ray
X-ray detector Linear dual-energy X-ray detector
X-ray source High frequency and small focal point
Scan sites Forearm remote end by flabellum and line scanning
Imaging time 5s
Accuracy Deviation less than 1%
Reproducibility Deviation less than 1%
Operation Internal memory : 2GB Memory : More than 200GB
Communication port USB 2.0 Accessibility
Dimensions Close table : 660 × 600 × 1270 mm Remote table : 660 × 600 × 1030 mm
Weight 99 kgs
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